Middle School

Denver Center for 21st Learning Middle School provides a unique environment where 6-8th grade students can learn and grow in a safe, structured, and active setting.

Students are placed into groups of no more than six based on their grade level and various other factors in order to ensure the highest level of possible growth and success for each student while meeting their academic, social, and behavioral needs.  Students attend all of their core classes (stations), which are 30 minutes each, with their small groups. Every 30 minutes music plays signaling that it is time to rotate to the next station.

In addition to traditional core classes all students receive English Language Development (ELD) class. Furthermore, all students are provided an additional hour of math instruction with Denver Math Fellows aimed at teaching students at their ability level and filling learning gaps.

All students have a weekly contract. The contracts are leveled and students earn points for work and behavior, which determine their contract level (green, yellow, white, or red). Students’ contract level determines which privileges they have earned.