September 2017 Scholars of the Month


Juan Luna

Teachers say:

“He is a great scholar, very polite and very involved in athletics.”

“Juan is an outstanding soccer player. He motivates his teammates daily to make the right choices.”

“Juan is always a delight to have in class. He comes in with a positive mindset and is considerate to his fellow classmates as well as his teachers.”

This student was a big help to us when we did the EDUCA radio show to advocate for our school. He showed a lot of courage by being on the show, he even showed off his singing skills!”

“Juan has been an amazing member of the soccer team. He always has high spirits at practice and is constantly talking about how he can do better in class and as a soccer player.”

Zahnyah Hartzog


Teachers say:

“This student is doing all she can to ensure highest grades in her classes. She is a very dedicated and smart young woman.”

“She shows great respect to everyone she encounters.”

“She always gets her work done, and asks wonderful questions regarding the assignments we are working on. She is such a pleasure to have in class and I see great things for this young lady in her future!”



Sergio Reyes-Castorena


Teachers say:

“Sergio comes to school every day with a smile on his face, ready to learn, and his laugh is contagious.”

“He faces all tasks with a positive mindset and consistently contributes to the learning in class.”

“Sergio can always be counted on to be on task and complete his work with his very best effort. He is always ready to answer tricky questions in math.”