October 2017 Scholars of the Month


Stacey Brown-Wright


Teachers say:

“Stacy has shown a renewed commitment to her education this quarter, and has been increasingly responsible.”

“She is always respectful, has good attendance, completes work in a timely manner, and is always ready and willing to assist other students with their work without being asked.”

“She finishes what she starts, and she starts everything that she is asked to. As I type this, she is working hard on some extra assignments that would move her from a B to an A!


Rayshaun Lewis

Rayshaun Lewis

Teachers say:

Rayshaun works as a team player.  He goes above and beyond to help other students in the classroom build confidence by encouraging them.”

He comes to class with a smile and a positive attitude and is always kind and respectful to me as the teacher.”

Rayshaun works hard to be successful in class.  He got straight A’s in his classes this quarter.”  



Belen Mora-Bonilla


Teachers say:

“She is kind, considerate, helpful, and respectful to everyone she interacts with.”

“Belen has shown great improvement in her attendance this past month.”

She comes to class every day ready to learn and does not hesitate to ask questions when she is confused. Once she masters a skill, she happily helps her peers to understand it as well. Belen shows grit, curiosity, and self control.”