A Letter from Our Principal

Dear Friends of Denver Center for 21st Century Learning,

Whether you are new to DC21 or already part of the family, I am thrilled at the opportunity to welcome you ‘home’ for the 2018-19 school year where we invite you to find your true purpose for attending school, a passion for learning, and the ability to explore possibilities for your future. At DC21 we pride ourselves in creating a culture where students feel safe and supported so that their learning can be the ‘main event’.  By addressing school culture, setting high standards for teacher performance, and creating an academic setting, we honor the trust that you have extended to us by allowing us to partner with you this year.

As always, I look forward to working in conjunction with students, parents, and teachers to assure that each of our scholars navigates a clear path toward high school graduation. We work hard to accelerate achievement and growth through a student-centered educational environment.  We are dedicated to working longer school days and a longer school year than the traditional public schools in order to ensure that our scholars will master the skills and knowledge needed for life beyond DC21.

As I frequently tell the scholars, “Every day you either get better or you get worse, you never stay the same.”   As the year opens I am truly in celebration mode because DC21 has gotten better!  Here are some of our “wins”:

    • As an Innovation School, we are able to offer more one-on-one adult interaction to support the “whole child”.  Our staff has been carefully chosen to meet your needs in every way.
    • Have you had a chance to visit our building lately? Our halls, common spaces, and our gym have all had makeovers and the building has never looked better.  Filled with light, we have created a physical space that our students can be proud of.  The gym embodies our school spirit and provides our athletes with a home-court that is state-of-the-art. Please stop by the main office for a visitor’s pass and take a look around!
    • Our name, DC21, stands for Denver Center for 21st Century Learning and emphasizes our expectation that our students will graduate prepared to find success in their lives beyond high school; that they will become leaders in the future of our society. With this in mind, we have recently opened our DC21 Career and College Center, where all students can receive the information, support, and counseling they need to take the next steps toward careers or further education.  Again, we encourage you to visit and learn about how this new CCC and the Futures Team can help you and your student plan for the future.
    • While academics are our top priority, we also believe it is vitally important that our students are able to grow socially by having positive interactions with peers and adults. Students at DC21 will be encouraged to embrace honesty, integrity, hard work, and respect for all as the keys to success. In addition to the student-centered academic environment, DC21 will also provide a character development focus to foster behavior management and a growth mindset.

We are committed to providing scholars, parents, and community advocates with a warm, welcoming environment where all have the opportunity to experience success in a school culture that inspires dreams, builds compassion, and opens minds!  Please join me in this most important of all endeavors. And please keep in touch, attend community events and parent conferences, and contact us with your questions, concerns, and compliments too.  We need you to partner with us to make sure your scholar attends daily, ready to learn.  Together, WE are the “village” that it takes to raise a child.  We invite you to find your purpose, passion, and possibility at DC21!


Renard A. Simmons
Principal – DC21